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v0.076 Alpha - The New Underground Caverns, Facebook Group!
2015-05-23 03:51:32
With today's update, we are introducing a redesign of the 1st world in Stellar Stars! While the previous version is filled with bricks and what not, this new version puts you in the new underground caverns! ...
v0.075a - New Gameplay Changes, Electric Bomber!
2015-05-20 03:00:10
As promised, we are back to releasing 2 new updates/builds per week! And today there are some important gameplay changes that makes Stellar Stars more action-packed! Let's say hi to the new Electric Bomber too! ...
The Art Of The Stars #1
2015-05-15 13:59:26
Instead of what we usually do, which is talking about a new update/build, today's blog post will purely be showing off the art of Stellar Stars, in particular the enemies you will encounter ...
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