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v0.071 Alpha! The New Ice World!
2015-04-24 13:33:25
As promised, there will be two new updates/builds every week! But what is today's update about? Say hello to the new ice world! ...
v0.07a & New Frequent Builds!
2015-04-21 13:04:04
With the announcement of Stellar Stars, it's time to make things even more interesting! Starting today, new builds/updates will now be released twice per week on every Tuesday & Friday! ...
Announcing Stellar Stars, the game formerly known as Starsss
2015-04-18 03:17:44
We are announcing that from today onwards, Starsss, the game that has been in development on the live TwitchTV stream, will now be known as "Stellar Stars" ~ And here's why you need to know why that is happening ...
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