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YYYYY Release Date, Live Stream!
2014-07-24 13:21:46
If you were wondering why there hasn't been any news about YYYYY, then you don't have to do so anymore ~ That's because YYYYY's release date for both iOS/Android has been set! ...
The Next Step
2014-07-19 13:41:50
If you are reading this, you might be wondering ~ What is this next step about? And what exactly is the next step for WhiteSponge? ...
1GAM #2, Day 13 - Challenging and with Incentives
2014-07-09 12:54:48
Taking what I have learnt from making Small Chronicles and Folo Hearts, making YYYYY an easy to pick up game seems like the wise thing to do ~ However, my inner devil always seem to kick in when I'm trying to balance the game's difficulty ...
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