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Creating A Consistent Gameplay Experience? Continued!
2015-07-04 03:13:46
Today's update for Stellar Stars continues with the path of creating an awesome gameplay experience for you! And that includes even things like using a consistent font design throughout the game ...
Creating A Consistent Gameplay Experience!
2015-06-30 13:54:45
What contributes to playing a game and having a great time while doing so? With Stellar Stars, the focus is on creating an awesome gameplay experience! With that said, how will today's new update take the first step towards that path? ...
The Joker Strikes! (v0.085 Alpha)
2015-06-27 09:21:24
If you were to ask me,"What's so special about Stellar Stars?", you will definitely hear the term "Character Growths" ~ Character growths are a fun way for you to improve your characters when you level up! And today's update introduces a new character growth - Joker's Defense! ...
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