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Starsss - Spice It Up! Sound Effects Galore!
2014-10-24 13:09:08
When progress on Starsss first started, the game did not have any sort of animations in it ~ Now there's one for when you level up, one for when stars appear, one for when your abilities level up and much more! But there's still something important missing, and that's sound effects! ...
Starsss - Defeating Big Teeth!
2014-10-21 12:56:55
As the first big boss that will challenge you, Big Teeth is a force to be reckoned with ~ He has various moves that when chained together, can devastate your entire health bar! ...
Starsss - Big Teeth has arrived!
2014-10-17 14:04:50
There are many things that make a game exciting, and one of the more important ones are the enemies or challenges that you face within the game ~ And so I'm really excited to introduce to you Big Teeth, the first boss that will challenge your star-chasing adventure in Starsss! ...
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