Second World

I’m glad to be here with another update on Small Chronicles! Seems like the battle field for the 2nd world has been decided.

It’s the desert! Well if you have seen the previous post, the screenshot in it might have already gave that away. Guess what? Here’s another sneak peek screenshot to give more away!

What are those rocks? They have eyes on them? Well they are one of the many different new monsters you will encounter when you step onto the desert! Monsters in the desert will definitely be tougher than the ones from the beginning world!

Additionally, there will also be some new game mechanics being introduced in the 2nd world! As to what that is, I’ll just leave you hanging there for now! Clues might come in the next blog post!

If you think that’s all, then you’re wrong! Having received several feedback from the internal testers, there have also been great changes made to the 1st world!

Yes! There’s a new type of monster in the woods! The Mad Wood (狂れてる木) does not dish out as much damage as the other monsters but is able to draw on the power of nature to heal itself! So be sure to know when and where to tackle on one of these!

So what do you think? Feel free to comment below! :)