Small Progress

Small Chronicles has made some small progress since testing on TestFlight has started! Here’s a small summary of what has happened and changed for Small Chronicles.

First of all, if you have been following our Twitter regularly, you would have known that work on the 2nd world in Small Chronicles has started! Here’s a sneak peak shot of it in its full glory!

Secondly, internal testing of Small Chronicles has already yielded some great feedback from the testers! So far it seems that they have found Small Chronicles interesting and fun to play! On top of that, there was also some great suggestions which was dutifully taken note of!

One of which was the animation which indicates the turn every time the player or monsters have made their move. This animation flashes right in the center of the screen and takes up at least 3 seconds each time! Definitely irritating for anyone!

So as suggested, here’s a screenshot of the changed animation which not only doesn’t flash in the middle of the screen, but also appears at the same time the monsters start making their move.

This means that the gameplay is much more responsive as the monsters response immediately right after the player has made his or her move! No waiting required :)

Besides this change to the animation, there are also some bug fixes to Small Chronicles. One of which was rather critical as it causes the game to crash :( . Luckily, one of my internal testers (also a great friend of mine) informed me of the bug! So kudos to her! :)

That’s it for updates for now! Will get back to focusing on the story behind the 2nd world!