The 217th Day

It has been quite a few months since the crafting of Small Chronicles officially started! Well to be exact, 217 days have passed since then! So here’s some updates on where Small Chronicles is currently at.

First and foremost, while progress on most of the monsters are completed, there is still some stats balancing to be done. At the moment, I might have made them too powerful. But who doesn’t like a challenge? :P

3′s a challenge?

Additionally, there are also plans to add new monsters for both of the initial playable worlds! What does this mean for you? Increased gameplay fun of course!

I’m also testing the newly crafted skills of Lyea. A new test build will be uploaded once that’s done!

Music & Sound Effects
Composed by Duncan, the music composer for Small Chronicles, the in-game music tracks are already ready! Well if you’re already a game tester for Small Chronicles, you have already listened to them in the test versions!

Sound effects are mostly done too! I use the word “mostly” as I might include Japanese voiceovers in Small Chronicles! If you really want those voiceovers in the game, do reach out to me and let me know :)

Game Menu/Interface
Recently I have been alerted to the fact that many of you do want to see what options are in the game. Things like what can be changed and what not came up pretty frequently. So in response to that, I will be posting more screenshots of the game’s interface from now on!

Be sure to like the Facebook page and follow me on Twitter as I’ll be posting them at those 2 places! As a treat, here’s a never before seen screenshot of an in-game interface that I have been working on!

Manage your characters while in the store!

As shown above, you can select which character to play while in the in-game store! Additionally, you can also manage them by tapping on the “Status” button. You can add stats for your character, equip them with newly acquired equipment or let them learn new skills all while you’re in the store!

You’ll also be able to see which characters are playable or require certain conditions to be fulfilled before they are unlocked. While there are only 2 playable characters planned for the initial release, more will be on their way in future updates!

So remember to always check for updates here, like the Facebook page and follow me on Twitter :)