With Game Center

It’s been almost a week since the last update and that’s why I’m really glad to announce that Small Chronicles will be a Game Center enabled game! This is what that will mean for you.

First of all, what’s a Game Center enabled game without achievements? Adding achievements to Small Chronicles will allow you, as the player, to try to aim for achievements that when achieved, will unlock and grant you special rewards!

Secondly, there are also leaderboards where you, as the player, can compete against others for the race to the top. But wait, is that the direction Small Chronicles is heading for with its multiplayer gameplay?

Having leaderboards can definitely encourage players to be competitive in the race to the top. However, there is no real interaction between other players and you. So instead of having leaderboards, Small Chronicles will instead feature a league mode! This means that you will be able to engage in battle against your friend in turn-based matches online!

With a league mode, this also means that as the player, you will be placed in different leagues depending on your level of skill. The top players of each league will also receive special rewards every season :) !

So remember to keep checking the blog, the Twitter and Facebook feeds on regular updates for the latest news regarding the league mode!